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What industries do you help?

ECommerce, B2B and Omnichannel warehouse, Contract manufacturers.
Due to the complexities around complex manufacturing, retail, and FMCG wholesale we are unable to manage this remotely. However, we can help you hire and train to have an onsite person.

Will I have a dedicated team assigned to my business?


Will they be physically located at my business?

No. Our team will be working behind the scenes remotely, but they will always be accessible to you. You will be able to contact them on a direct dedicated slack channel, and secure Zoom meetings during your main working hours. 

How often will you work on my account?

Daily/Weekly/Monthly as per your instruction.

How secure is my data?

Very secure. You have 100% control over your data, and nobody has access to that unless you invite them to – and even then, you control what they see. 

Your data is also stored within your software, and we will not store your data outside of these programs. 

We also will sign an NDA to ensure you have peace of mind. We also have strict security guidelines for all our staff to ensure that their computers do not get compromised and cause issues with your data.

What inventory processes do you manage?
  1. Ensuring that all your sales orders are fulfilled and suppliers orders are received.  
  2. Information is flowing back into your inventory system from your e-commerce system and orders aren’t getting stuck due to errors.
  3. Ensuring that your stock is correctly costed, i.e. landed costs, multi-currency, FIFO, Average costs. Whatever your methodology is, we will ensure you have the most accurate costs so that you can know with 100% certainty your gross profit margins and if you are making money or not. 
  4. Accurate inventory management at all times, ie adjustments, credits, returns and all normal sales orders processed the correct way.
  5. Reconciling all your different sales channels ie Amazon, eBay, large retailers, and marketplaces daily, ensuring that no sales are missed.
  6. Demand forecasting and planning, ensuring you have the correct inventory at all times. 
  7. Cleaning all systems and running them optimally. Ie Accounting system, e-commerce platform, amazon marketplace, shipping integration, 3pl.
  8. Realtime reconciliation of all systems – custom dashboards created for your business showing all the different sales channels, and ensuring they all match up in your main inventory management system. 
  9. If required, managing your accounting system, making sure you are aware of all funds due, sales coming in, and an overview of your business every week.
  10. Have a dedicated staff member looking after your system as well as an account manager to discuss/escalate any issues.
  11. Adding/updating the IMS, i.e. customers, suppliers, product SKU, basic e-commerce updates i.e. products, descriptions, images, etc.
  12. If additional integrations are required, these can be handled internally, as we are specialists in implementations and automating e-commerce business processes.
  13. Provide detailed reports in dashboard formats that make sense to you and your team. Top sellers, highest-grossing, out of stock, trending stock, the stock that is about to run out, forecasting to ensure you have enough stock, cross-match reports against marketing campaigns, all of this and much much more can be created so that you are in control of your business and can drive real change. 
How do you manage the physical aspects of inventory remotely?

We do all the work related to your systems, and your warehouse staff will dispatch and receive stock as per normal. We will discuss the details of this workflow in more depth when


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