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We Care About Your Numbers More Than You Do
So You Don’t Have To.

Helping you to fulfil all the roles and responsibilities of 8 different yet key
job titles and responsibilities with regards to your inventory.

WAO Business Services has the experience you need to help your company grow and thrive. We provide customized, high-quality solutions for organizations in all industries.
Our services are designed to help you maximize your revenue while still meeting your customer demands. With WAO Business Services, you’ll never be left behind when it comes to inventory management.

We Make it Easier

Say ‘Yes’ to Daily Financial Updates

Chances are that, over time, you’ve taken on a number of inventory responsibilities that fall well outside the realm of your core role and your expertise. WAO Business Services simplifies your life by handling those inventory tasks and duties for you. We’ll save you time, money and the guesswork if you’re

doing it right, so you can focus on what matters most to your business.
We partner with businesses like yours to help them manage their daily inventory processes. So NO MORE missed sales because you’re out of stock. Focus on growth, not on pulling your hair out.


“ Imagine proactively using intelligent automation to save time, get real-time visibility into every area of your business and have accurate information to make decisions when you need it! We can bring this to life. ”

Boost your Confidence

Daily or Weekly Processing

You’re so busy managing your business physically that you don’t have time to always record what’s going on. Or you have lots of systems but they aren’t talking to each other so you have to go to multiple places to find the information you need. WAO Business Services takes care of all the tasks for you. With our automation expertise and diligent staff, we can help manage your finances and any other important operational tasks and report back to you as often as you need – we recommend daily processing and weekly reporting. 

We Make The Complex Simple

Use Your Existing Systems
No Need to Change Systems

Your WAO Business Services works across a wide variety of software systems, making it even easier for you to get the help you need. You no longer need to spend hours processing data and trying to set up automation. WAO Business Services are inventory management experts, qualified accountants and experienced systems professionals.


What We Do

Save Time & Money

Payroll and Reporting

WAO Business Services include data entry of financial and operational transactions, management of payroll, daily reconciliation, debtor and creditor management and more. We will fill in the skills gap as long as you need it in your finance team, your procurement team, your sales administration team or your inventory management team. As long as you can get us the information, we can process the financial and operational transactions and get you the information you need.

We're Here to Help

Automate Where We Can

Where we can, we will automate every process in your business that can be through existing system integrations or implementation of new software that can do the work faster than any human can. We use data entry automation solutions like Xtracta, Zudello and A2X to reduce your time spent processing paperwork and payouts.

What We Don’t Do

Tax is not our business

We are Not Tax Advisors

Our WAO Business Services team are accountants, but we are not tax advisors. We will not complete personal or business tax returns of any kind. We partner with tax experts around the world that can help you. Our tax advisory network specialises in different industries, business types and sizes of businesses. We can either work closely with your tax advisor to give them exactly what they need and assist them in supporting you, or we can provide you with a connection to a tax advisor that we know understands your business if you don’t have one already. 

We connect where you need it

We are Not Virtual CFOs

Our WAO Business Services team are accountants, but we are not virtual CFOs or management accountants that will give you business advice. We partner with CFOs around the world that can help you. Just like our tax advisory connections, our CFO network specialises in different industries, business types and sizes of businesses. We can either work closely with your CFO to give them exactly what they need and assist them in supporting you, or we can provide you with a connection to a CFO that we know understands your business if you need a CFO at all. 

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